About the Artist 

Harry is an independent folk rock Artist coming out of Cobourg, Ontario. "I've been playing music all my life and I have a very strong passion for making and creating fun songs I can call my own and share with others. I've recently studied songwriting and Performance at Seneca College where I had the time and resources to hone in on my skills around songwriting." The first studio demo was released in 2019, (recorded at home by Harry) , which sparked a series of live showcases and performances to help spread the feel-good music and messages around his home province, Ontario. 


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Harry strives to accommodate as many live music atmospheres as possible. Thriving in the Nightlife Pub scene of his hometown, Cobourg, ON. playing venues such as; The Mill Pub, The Oasis Pub, and some more private house parties. "I also like to play more intimate day-time shows at local cafes or even other private venues, I really get inspired by the daytime atmosphere." With growing popularity we are looking to expand our network, and get to work with some music venues in the surrounding areas, hopefully expanding our audience into the GTA.

Harry Hannah is a self published independent Folk Rock Artist.  

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